Well, it turns out I was one of them…

One of the people who underestimated the Pistons, that is. I called it Pistons in six, they won in five, and they could (and should) have won it in four.

Game five was a rout, plain and simple, and really, so was this whole series. And it's not because the lake show is old, and slow, and injured, it's because the Pistons are a TEAM, in the very best meaning of the word. They played together, and they won together, and my hat's off to them.

And the scary part is, they're young, and they have a talented 18 year old 7 footer they didn't even use in this series, except as the fat lady singing, when he played in garbage time in game 5.

Earlier in the season, in the Walla American Sports forum, someone asked why the pistons didn't draft Melo. I answered "Prince". Many people mocked the decision to draft Darko, because Melo would be such an upgrade in Small Forward. And you know what? On offense, he would be, but on D, Tayshaun was the series MVP, as far as I'm concenred. What a player, what a team.

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