Another link to TNH's excellent blog Making Light, this time covering a subject that's been a bit of a hot topic on Israeli SF forums as of late – stories and books that have been rejected for publication, and the (evil, nefarious, and dastardly) reasons for said rejections.

Dear rejected and dejected authors, please read this. Read this through. The writer is an editor at Tor, and someone who knows more about publishing than you do. Heck, she knows a lot more about publishing than I do, and I've been a pro editor for over six years.

Link via Neil Gaiman, btw.

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  1. Posting: Boojie

    I've read it a while back (got the link on the Ort forum, which shows that you really should read the Ort forum more often…), and I must admit I felt torn inside. On one side, there's the editor-me, the one who really HATES the part of the job having to do with rejection notes, who said, "how true, how true" at every word; On the other side, there's the writer-me, the one who kept saying, "those bloody bastards should rot in hell after being dismembered by wild hyenas for their lousy literary taste and their nasty rejection letters implying that *I* don't write well enough".
    Ah, well, as long as I'm not hopping around chasing some lost ring and calling it "my precious"… 😛

  2. Nice…
    Especially liked the W.C Williams style refusal.
    lior gimel.

    maybe somone should devote a web page to remarks on tests. my favorite for this semester is: "a personal word of advice for MOED BET – read the material".

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