Eisner Award Winners announced

The winners of the Eisner Award for excellence in comics were announced last night. In a reversal of the last couple of years, this was a bad year to be a new writer, or even a relatively new writer.

Gaiman won for Best Short Story (Death, from Endless Nights) and Best Anthology. I can live with those.

Moore won Best Writer. While Moore clearly IS the best writer in comics, Maybe EVER, Ed Brubaker and Brian Michael Bendis – who were both nominated – clearly had the better year in 2003. Of Moore's output, only Smax (which wasn't even nominated for Best Limited Series) and Promethea are truly superior work. Brubaker did amazing work on Sleeper, Gotham Central, and Catwoman. And Bendis had really good stuff in Powers, Alias, Daredevil, and Ultimate Spider-Man.

100 Bullets won Best Ongoing Series beating Alias' brilliant swan song and a superior year on Gotham Central.

Kyle Baker's Plastic Man inexplicably won Best New Series – a category where it was simply the weakest book nominated. Sleeper is miles better, Losers, Invincible, and The Walking dead are better, and El Cazador is a little better.

Fables, Sleeper, Alias, Lucifer, and Powers didn't win anything.

At least Formerly Known as the Justice League won best humor. And Gotham Central won Best Serialized story for Half a Life.

See all the winners and nominees and tell me what you think.

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  1. Also worth noting – "Buddha" by Osamu Tezuka winning the award for best "Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material". The success of Tezuka's manga in the American comics market – let alone something like "Buddha" – qualifies as the eighth wonder of the world.


    Which reminds me – could you answer my question from the Mieville post?

  2. I would have commented about the Budha win, but I don't know anything about the book.

    And as to your kind offer from the Mieville thread – Yes! And thanks. Sorry for not replying to it earlier. I can only blame work pressure.

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