About the new blogroll

If you look to the right, under the archive links, you'll find my new blogroll. Yup, I finally got myself one.

The blogs I chose are those in which I usually read every post, even if it's not about something I'm normally interested in.

Making Light is Teresa Nielsen Hayden's blog. I put it in the SF and writing category because those are topics on which TNH, an editor at Tor and a published writer, is an expert. But she also covers other topics, usually brilliantly. She has a magnificent community of comment posters, as well, so always be sure to check those out.

Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City is your source for news about sf books, writing, critique, and cons. Be sure to read her monthly online magazine of the same name as well. Excellent reviews, though I often disagree with her.

Neil Gaiman's Journal is Neil Gaiman's blog.

Kathryn Cramer is David Hartwell's wife and collaborator on Year's Best SF and Fantasy anthologies. She's also a writer and editor. This blog could have easily gone in the politics, as she writes a great deal about that as well.

Charlie's Diary is Charlie Stross' diary, which deals with SF, Tech, and politics.

Nick Mamatas is a writer and critic who's Livejournal is highly entertaining, and occasionally deals very interestingly in genre related stuff.

The Write Hemisphere links to new articles, reviews and short stories online. Very informative.

The Mumpsimus is one of the best literary blogs around. Deals mostly with genre. Very worth reading.

Engadget is gadget porn. News, pics, commentary and links regarding new tech.

Boing Boing is a collaborative blog covering many, many topics. It's one of the best and most active blogs on the net.

die puny humans is Warren Ellis' so-called "research blog." It's really Ellis posting about whatever he thinks of.

Movies in Fifteen Minutes features Cleolinda Jones' wonderful film parodies. So funny, she got a book contract.

Electrolite is Tor senior editor (and husband of Teresa Nielsen Hayden) Patrick Nielsen Hayden's blog, dealing with politics, sf, and many other things. There's a great overlap in the commenting community with TNH's blog, so be sure to read the comments here as well.

ADDTooFlat is a general comics blog, with mostly commentary, and some reviews.

Cognitive Dissonance is Johanna Draper Carlson's blog, featuring comics reviews, commentary, and the weekly Chick Check, counting the female creators on books by Marvel and DC.

Howling Curmudgeons is a collaborative comics blog with news, links, discussions and reviews.

Peter David's blog deals with Peter David, his work, life, and politics.

Peiratikos is yet another collaborative comics blog, featuring thoughtful commentary and reviews.

Eschaton is the very best source for American political news with a liberal bias.

Daily Kos is a collaborative liberal/progressive/democratic political blog, which covers the coming elections very heavily. Do we have anything like this in Israel? I'd love to know.

Respectful of Otters is a personal political blog, with highly intelligent commentary.

Jesus' General is a satirical political blog. It's the blog of a fictional, insane, rabidly right-wing guy, and the letter he writes (and actually sends) to political figures.

Talking Points Memo is one of the best political commentary sites, with a moderately liberal bias.

Sisyphus Shrugged is a personal political blog, with insightful, often biting commentary. Yes, it has a liberal bias.

Hullabaloo is… well, every thing I said about Sisyphus Shrugged applies here too.

Political Animal is a blog/column/commentary thingie from former blogger turned online columnist (the difference? He get's paid) Kevin Drum.

Body and Soul: See Hullabaloo and Sisyphus Shrugged.

Roni Gelbfish's blog is easilly my favorite Israeli blog, featuring commentary, quick book reviews, and Gelbfish's poetry.

kinnblog.com is the news blog of the vasr Kinneret/Zmora-Bitan/Dvir consortium. Literary news from Israel and beyond.

Distractions is Dotan Dimet's blog, which deals with genre, tech, and other topics.

So that's my blogroll. Other blogs will surely be added to it as time goes on.

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  1. Nice list of blogs, but I'm not sure I understand your use of the word 'politics'. I'm in London, you're in Tel Aviv – but when you say 'politics', you really mean 'American politics', and that's distressing. Not expecting you to link to to, say or to a blog covering the Malawian election if there is one (a blog, not the election) but nothing close to home? I'm honestly curious – why is that?


  2. Basically, I find Israeli politics depressing as hell. I don't bury my head in the sand, and I do read the news, but I don't delve in as much as I do when it comes to American politics, especially when elections come around. I think American politics are interesting, as a spectator sport, and I also think they're important, in that the choice of an American president always has implications worldwide, and certainly here in Israel.

    That said, I'd read an Israeli political blog that was as good as the ones I linked to. I'm just not familliar with any, and my attempts to look for one have been rather depressing. I mentioned in what I wrote about Daily Kos that I wouldn't mind hearing about a good Israeli political blog, and I certainly wouldn't.

    I guess I could have, and probably should have, called that segment of the blogroll "American politics", but I just used the name I use for this group of links in my rss reader.

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