Lions of Al-Rassan Hebrew edition launch

This is short notice, I know. I should have posted this two days ago. But if you're in Tel Aviv this evening, around 8PM, why not drop by at the Kidmat Eden bookstore, on Dizengoff 91. Kidmat and Opus Press are doing a launch party for the Hebrew edition of Lions of Al-Rassan.

I'm very happy to see this book come out. When I was at Opus, I started publishing Kay's work with the Fionavar Tapestry and Tigana. Since I've left, Opus have published The Sarantine Mosaic, and now Lions of Al Rassan. This is a wonderful novel, translated by Yael Achmon, who's one of my favorite translators and best friends, and translation-edited by the incomparable Hamutal Levin. When you start something somewhere, and then leave, it's great to see others pick up where you left off, and do it so admirably.

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