40 hours to Fantasy NFL draft

Continuing on the sports theme, only 40 hours remain until my fantasy league holds its annual draft. As the reigning champ (and champ in 2 of the 3 years of the league's existence), I'm more than a little stressed. I'm usually a great drafter (as I prepare like mad), but a poor trader (as I tend to have the unfortunate tendency of falling in love with my team), so a good draft is essential for a good fantasy season. I'm drafting second, so I have a pretty good chance of getting the player I want to build around.

I'll probably be spending most of the weekend completing my draft prep. Lots of last minute research to do (though I've been spending some time researching for the last few weeks.)

I'll post the results of the draft (not the whole thing, just my team) when it's completed. Wish me luck.

2 תגובות על ״40 hours to Fantasy NFL draft״

  1. Well, as you can, the results have actually been up for a while. But my host, blogger, and my own ineptitude have all conspired to keep the updating from actually being seen.

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