If you can see this post…

You probably don't live in Israel. Seems that Israeli ISP's, or at least, Internet Zahav, my ISP, take a little longer to update name server changes. So when I update blogger, I'm updating the new site, but I can, at this time, only view the old site. I should have known this would happen, as something similar happened the last time I moved. It's a bit silly, but such is life.

Any Israeli who sees this message, please comment. I may not be able to see it (if your ISP updates faster than mine), but blogger will let me know. Thanks.

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  1. FWIW, this comment (dated Aug 25th, I think) appeared on my screen on Monday, August 30th, not before (and I *do* check).

    And I am as far from Israel as one can get without a rocket ship.


  2. Yes. I now know there were other reasons, having to do with configurations in both blogger and my site. If I hadn't just assumed that the configuration would be the same in the new site (at the same host) as the old, I would have probably found it. As it is, I only checked it after changing hosts, and then I corrected it, and now all is well.

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