Kiln People and Guilty Pleasures

Two new books out in my series for Modan, just in time for the coming holidays, and for Icon, of course.

So it's time for an infomercial:

The first is David Brin's Kiln People. It's a somewhat whimsical pseudo hard SF detective novel about a world where people can clone themselves onto disposable "golems", which expire after 24 hours, and whose memories can be uploaded. Great speculation about a world where human life can be quite expendable, if it's the life of a golem. It's a novel I really like, and I was quite dissapointed when it lost to Robert Sawyer's Hominids at last year's Hugo awards (although, really, Mieville's The Scar should have won).

The second, which just came out, is Laurell K. Hamilton's Guilty Pleasures. It's the first book in Hamilton's best selling Anita Blake series, and I hope we see some of that sales success with the book here in Israel. It's a heady mix of vampires, action, sex, violence, and alternate history. It has a terrific lead character, and is pure, but not brainless, fun.

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