When did Drew Barrymore become smart?

So I'm watching the Daily Show, and Drew Barrymore is on, talking about her new movie… a documentary about voting? What? How did this happen?

Drew Barrymore used to be this silly person who made every kind of mistake in the book. She married Tom Green for god's sake. And that was her SECOND marriage. When she was producing Charlie's Angels, every entertainment rag was screaming that it was a bloated, over budgeted, collosal failure. Than it came out, and made huge stacks of cash. She then produced Donnie Darko, one of the best and most original films of the last few years. Now she's doing documentaries and teaching young people about the importance of voting. Is this like a comicbook thing? Was she zapped by gamma rays?

I mean, I'm glad it happened. I certainly like the new Drew better than the old Drew. I guess I'm just puzzled.

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  1. I figured this out (took me long enough)

    Concept: A dim light in a dark rooms seems brighter than a bright light in a well lit room.

    She's not actually intelligent, only surrounded by buffoons…

    DUMBNESS, making the rest of us look bright since 1881!

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