Shana tova

Well, a new Hebrew year begins, and as usual, one can only hope it will be better than the last one…

This last year was actually quite good for me on the personal and professional levels. I've never had this much work, and for so many different publishers, working on different genres and formats. And personal life has also been good, with friends and love being in abundance, and better overall health than in recent years (even though I recently burned three fingers in a manner that would probably make this site popular with gore fans if I posted images).

But when I've reached the point where I actively avoid the local news because they're just too damn depressing, and have directed all of my news junkie tendencies to American politics, things are not good. I am, however, an optimist, and I can't help but believe next year will be better.

So Shana tova. May the next year be full of regime changes.

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  1. You know what the WORST thing is?

    I find American news so dismally depressing, I keep up with the Israeli papers. The content is worse in Israel, of course, but the pap-that-passes-for-reporting in the US drives me to a state of gibbering distraction.

    UK news is nice, though. And Tristan de Cunha provides me with a weekly dose of relief (URL: ) as does the Port Townsend Leader, bless its heart ( – a couple of weeks ago the top item was an exploding knitting needle. Other times it's even LESS violent.)

  2. Shana tova!

    You know, I've stopped reading the news over here as well. Just can't be asked with it anymore. Nothing changes. You might as well read a book.

    …which is where I point out I just recieved my advance copy of the new chronicles of Thomas Covenant. ha!

    – Lavie.

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