Fantasy football update

Well, it's been a while since I updated about my exploits in fantasy football (not that anyone cares). There was good reason for that – after boasting about my "excellent" draft, my team started the season 0-3, and my #1 receiver, Steve Smith, broke his leg. Not the best start. One of my promising young quarterbacks, Rex Grossman, soon joined him on the injured list, as he's out for the season. Things were not looking good for the Dark Establishment team.

However, my guys have turned it around a bit, so I can finally talk about the team without wincing. On week 4, my refurbished team didn't play very well, but monster performances by Tomlinson and Caldwell managed to overcome a poor performance by my opponent. This week, I finally saw the team I thought I drafted, as my defense exploded for 33 points, and the team racked up 112 points total, doubling up my opponent, who only scored 56.

So now I'm 2-3, still last in my four player division. But the two guys I need to pass by season's end to get to the playoffs are 3-2, so I'm only a game behind.

The coming week is a scary one, as the Baltimore D is on a bye week, and I'm playing my very good friend (and top fantasy player) Guy Sever. I usually root for G's teams, but this week it's him or me, and I certainly hope to come away with a victory. It isn't going to be easy, but at least his top guy (Shaun Alexander) is playing against the spectacular New England defense.

In other news from my fantasy league, the crazy guy who built his team around wide receivers (league comish Dave Rosenthal) is currently 5-0. Unbelievable.

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