Brief Interaction notes

Quite a few Israelis have said they want to go to Interaction, the Glasgow Worldcon, next year. However, looking at the Interaction website, I see that only five Israelis have signed up. Several of my friends and I have signed up, and gotten reservations for the con's main hotel. Looking at the reservations website, I see that all three of the hotels that are adjacent to the convention center are fully booked. The main party hotel, the Hilton, still seems to have room. If you're an Israeli looking for a place to stay, and you're not looking for someplace *quiet*, the Hilton would definitely be my choice. As you can book your hotel rooms now without a deposit, I would recommend registering while some of the more desirable hotels are still available.

Also of note for fans – prices are going to go up on December 1st. Currently, prices for an attending membership are £95 / $170 / €145. Come December 1st, prices will be £110 / $195 / €165. This is, obviously, a significant difference, and I strongly suggest that fans who know they're going to attend register before prices go up.

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