I was forced to watch Farscape.

A couple of years ago, I decided to give Farscape a try. After four episodes, I stopped. It just didn't seem to be very good. The production values were crappy, the latex makeup was annoying, and the guy who appeared to be the lead villain… well, he sucked.

Fast forward two years later, and one of my best friends got hooked on the show when it was aired over the summer. Now this is a friend who has read books, watched television shows, and used software, all based on my recommendations. If I said "you have to try this," she did. So when she said I had to watch Farscape, I resisted, but eventually relented. I promised to watch until the seventh episode of the second season. If I wasn't hooked by then, she said, I could stop.

I've just finished watching Farscape: The Peacekeepers War mini-series, which follows the regular series. I was hooked long before episode seven of year two.

Farscape follows in the grand tradition of Babylon 5 and Buffy, in that it has a fairly crappy first season, with some bright spots, and then takes off in the second, and suddenly you're watching a really, really good show. In fact, Farscape takes off before the end of Season 1.

Farscape is probably the funniest SF show which isn't an outright comedy (heck, I though it was way funnier than Red Dwarf, but I know some would consider that blasphemy.) It's as dramatic as B5, and while it doesn't have the acting genius of Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas, it does have a much more rounded cast. Also, it has Claudia Black, who is very, very good.

While Farscape does have an overall story, it isn't the work of genius that B5's story was. But, again, the actual scripts are better. Particularly the dialogues.

It's a show about aliens, but it's a show about people, friendship, and love. It is, very much, a show about ambition, obsession, and betrayal, but it is an optimistic show. It is a show about madness, but it is a show about making the right decisions. It is a show about man's folly, but it is a show about man's genius and greatness.

So what I'm saying is… it's a really good show. You should all watch it. Just make it through the first 20 episodes or so. It gets better. Trust me.

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  1. Funny, I watched the first eps of Farscape around the time they first aired, and liked them, but then stopped after episode 7, since there was just better stuff to watch at the time (Buffy was still running). I'm doing catching-up now, very slowly. I find the episodes to be very nice, but no master-pieces so far (I'm around episode 15).
    I suppose I Farscape provides me with something that's really missing from television (American, non-animated, that is) nowdays – space-opera. All attempts to re-start "Babylon 5" have failed (there's another one coming, but I'm not holding my breath), the "Trek" franchise is dead (pretty much everyone agrees that "Enterprise" is on its way to cancellation), now "Farscape" over… There's the new "Battlestar Galactica" series, but if the mini-series from last year is any indication, it ain't gonna be my cop of tea. I found the mini-series to be medicore at best. And no, the fact that we'll probably get a "Star Wars" TV series after Lucas ends ruining the franchise in film does not comfort me.
    However, since this post proves that nagging helps, what's going on with Nausicaa nowdays? 🙂


  2. Hmmm. The message I left here before wasn't posted, for some reason (or maybe deleted? Why?), so I'm trying again…
    Anyway, I watched the first episodes of "Farscape" around the time they were aired in the US and actually liked them, but stopped around episode 7. There were just better things to watch back then (Buffy was still on). I now catch up very slowly (I'm in episode 15), and I like what I see, although there are no master-pieces, as of yet.
    Also, it's pretty sad to see that other than "Farscape" TV space-opera (American, non-animated, that is) is pretty much dead. "Enterprise" is what is believed to be its last season (and I never cared much for it anyway), there's a new attempt to re-start the "Babylon 5" franchise (but I'm not holding my breath), "Firefly" is dead (it will get new life on film – but unless the film does extraordinarily well, one film is all we'll get). What else? I personally found the new "Battlestar Galactica" to be very mediocre, and really don't expect much from the coming TV series based on it. There's a rumor that the Star-Wars franchise will head to television after the current trilogy will end (and if it's gonna be anything like "Attack of the Clones" – well, let's not go there). And that's it.
    However, since this post by you proved that nagging helps, I thought I might ask you again how "Nausicaa" is coming along 🙂


  3. Hey Ho, finally a man with a really good taste reccomends one of the best SF shows on TV ever !

    In my mind "Farscape" is even better than B5 (I know, I know – some people may say it's blasphemy)- graet dialogs, excellent characters and goofy but at the same time dramatic storylines. Third season (the best season of the show) was emotional in operatic standards (in a GOOD way) and all I could say after watching it was WOW!

    Well, now I'll have to find a new show to be hooked on. Oh, wait a minute: already found one. Try "LOST". Only 5 episodes so far, but the premise is SO good. Thanks for that great friend who made me watch it.


  4. It appears my original comment was posted here after all (and Rani's comment was posted twice). Anything wrong with the Blogger system that makes it take extra-long time to post?


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