My prediction

I haven't blogged a lot about the American elections, but I have been following the campaigns VERY closely. So here's my prediction:

Popular Vote:

Kerry: 53

Bush: 46

Nader: 1

Electoral Vote:

Kerry: 300

Bush: 238

I'll throw in a much less informed prediction about the Senate and House races: Democrats take the Senate, while the Republicans retain control of the House, but by a smaller margin.

I'm an optimist, and this prediction certainly reflects that. But I believe the undecided will break for Kerry, and I believe there will be a very large turnout, with many new voters, most of whom will vote for Kerry. I think Kerry is going to win both Florida AND Ohio.

As I've said, I'm an optimist. But I also thought I was optimistic when I predicted the Pistons will in 6 games in the NBA finals, when most analists thought the Lakers will win in either 6 or 5. As you'll recall, the Pistons won it in 5.

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  1. I especially like your prediction for the Senate. I'll go out tomorrow, and vote in such a way as to promote your prediction.

    Any guesses as to who takes the Jefferson County, WA, PUD commissioner position?

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