Firefox hits 1.0

A few years ago, I switched from Netscape to Internet Explorer. I wasn't thrilled about doing it, because I disliked a lot of things about IE, and knew that a single browser world will not lead to better browsing. But Netscape's browser had become a bloated piece of software, and IE boasted much better support for Hebrew.

A few months back, when IE was giving me some trouble, I tried Mozilla Firefox, which was in beta at the time. And it was a whole new world. Hebrew support was fine, it was a much lighter software, and I completely fell in love with tabbed browsing. Some Israeli sites don't support it well at all, so I still have Explorer for those. But overall, it's been a major improvement in my browsing experience. Some of the third party extensions for Firefox are absolutely brilliant as well.

And today, Firefox officially grows up. It's out of beta and in official release. If you like surfing the web, you should try it. It's a safer browser, a lighter browser, and a better browser.

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  1. And don't forget the extensions… …Tools -> Options -> Extensions. It's a bit-pig's paradise. Gotta love Adblock. Gotta love the one that lets you increase/decrease the size of graphics.

    And – guess who physically MADE me install it? Yup. Mr. 13-year-old-SlashDot-reader-who's-up-on-all-the-cool-stuff.

    We won't install v 1.0 yet, though. Too much traffic for today.

  2. Extensions: Adblock is such a mundane idea I haven't bothered looking at it. However, I'm pretty impressed with Fireftp (a proper cuteftp/ws-ftp clone in firefox) and foxytunes (a remote for your media player, winamp, whatever).

  3. My favorite extensions are Tabbrowser Extensions, that allows complete control over the way tabs operate, and BugMeNot (which doesn't work with 1.0, but will surely have an updated version soon), which fills logins at many sites that require annoying free registration.

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