Disney buys Crossgen

Heidi McDonald's The Beat has all the details about Disney's purchase of Crossgen, the little comics company that couldn't.

I'm especially thrilled about the prospects of Abadazad making a comeback. Not only is it extremely Disney friendly (all ages, no "adult" language) it's also a terrific book, telling a timeless fantasy story with humor, action, and emotion.

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  1. Interestingly, my favorite Crossgen title was "Route 666" – a horror series with art by Karl Moline (of Joss Whedon's "Fray"). The series didn't exactly fall under the "Family Friendly" category, but it wasn't al blood and gore either. The series actually completed its run, but only one TPB collection came out. Wonder how Disney are going to handle this one (hey, it took them some time, but this coming November, we WILL see the last two Miyazaki titles – aimed at an adult audience – finally on Zone 1 DVD, so anything's possible…).


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