Fafblog Review of Books

Fafblog (which you should all be reading, btw) makes fun of Tom Wolfe for his recent book, which is almost too easy a target these days. But at the end, he recommends the book which currently ranks as the top novel-I-wish-another-publisher-hadn't-purchased-for-publication-in-Hebrew-so -I-could-do-it, even thoush I haven't read it yet – Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell.

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  1. Jonathan Strange and Mister Norrell is on the top of my version of your list as well, that is novels-I-actually-intend-to-buy-in-hard-cover, which is very uncommon for me, since most novels I read go either directly to paperback, and if they don't I can usually wait the necessary year or so. The only three novels on that list before were American Gods, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay and Quicksilver. Jonathan Strange is also the most hyped novel I can think of nowadays (at least in my virtual envronment), and yet, as far as I know, one cannot find it in any Israeli bookstore (and I have been looking). I know there's no problem ordering it, but I'm still wandering whose responsible for the ridiculous import choices (mainli in Steimatzky of course), oor more to the point, do you have anyinfluence on the import policy of Modan's bookstores?


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