Farewell, Winamp (for now?)

For a while now, it has seemed that Winamp, the extremely popular and much beloved mp3 player, is close to it's last days. AOL has been firing people in Nullsoft, and others have quit. Now, Nullsoft release Winamp 5.06, calling it the "Final Edition (for now)".

I've been using Winamp less and less. ITunes and the vast improvements in Windows Media Player 10 have made it less attractive. Still, it may be the death of winamp, and it joines Netscape on the pile of things that used to be major parts of my computer experience before AOL bought them.

תגובה אחת בנושא “Farewell, Winamp (for now?)”

  1. Sad indeed.
    Fortunately, my comuter sensed this death, and eased the experience by refusing to run winamp at all, including some nasty reboots which I now understand as act of compassion and gadgetish affection.
    Sonique is a nice replacement for winamp, tho, once one gets used to the weird interface and the overly-toyish look.

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