Disfunctional relationships on Amazing Race

The TV Gal rightly smacks down The Amazing Race for putting obnoxiously disfunctional relationships on the screen. This could have been a great season of TAR. There's some strong competitors, some decent people, some connivers. The usual mix. But Jonathan and Victoria are just painful to watch. This is an abusive relationship. If I had friends like these (well, a friend like Victoria, who may be a decent human being somewhere under the fatigue of dealing with her asshole of a husband), I'd try to avoid social gatherings with both of them, just so I wouldn't have to see a relationship like that play out. Why do I need to see it on TV? And on a show that, historically, has not been a festering puddle of evil like most of the reality tv shows on Fox?

Last year, Colin was annoying. But at least he was a terrific competitor. I would complain about him regularly to Tammy, but he wasn't painful to watch.

I also agree with TV Gal that what makes it more painful to watch is knowing these people are actually married. These aren't two people randomly thrown together for a tv show. When the game ends, they actually have to go home together (hopefully, to a divorce lawyer).

This has been a very weak season for competition-type reality shows. Apprentice is much weaker than the first season. Survivor is having a weak season, which only really came alive this week (maybe predictable, after last season's tour de force). Benefactor was a flop. Amazing Race will suffer until Jonathan and Victoria are eliminated.

Speaking of Survivor… does anyone from this show make it to the next All Stars? Maybe Amy. Maybe. That's not a testament to a strong season.

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  1. There might be some great All-Stars in this season of Survivor. First of all, Scout, who somehow made everyone treat her like a Dizzie Aging Hippe Lesbian and not notice that she's also smarter by half than the lot of them. And, judging by the last episode I've seen (No. 11, I think), Twila is beginning to look like a hall of famer, too.

    And of course, they could always bring back Dolly the Sheep Farmer.


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