Handling The Neil

Anne Murphy has been Neil Gaiman's handler at several conventions, and provides a guide for Neil-handling. As I've done author handling for the last two Icons (OSC and GGK), and certainly hope to do it on 2006, when Gaiman is due to be in Israel, I found this extremely useful. A lot of it is useful for handling most popular authors, and we've learned a lot of the general stuff in the last two cons, but the specifics are useful. And it's good to have them in one place.

As some of you know, Tim Powers will be Icon's GoH next year. I hope to be one of his handlers for that (we use multiple handlers, for several reasons, including complementary skill sets, and the fact that some of us – myself included – are also on the schedule as speakers and panelists), so the I'll keep everything Anne wrote in mind for that as well (while making the appropriate adjustments for the fact that Neil is Neil and Tim is Tim).

This, by the way, is also your first bit of really early Icon 2005 promo work. It'll be great. Tim Powers is The Nicest Man On Earth, as well as an excellent author. He's also got a reputation (endorsed by both Card and Kay) as a great con GoH. Icon has been growing every year for several years now. It's a great con, with lots of stuff to see, lots of people to meet, and lots of swag to buy.

And speaking of Israeli cons, Fantasy.Con 2005 is getting closer. This year, after running simultaneously for a few years, Fantasy.Con and Stardust are merging into one convention, which should become our second BIG con.

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  1. Ah. I read the bit about the massage therapist and I thought of Ziv Kitaro. Neil fan (doh) and a talented message therapist.
    And I guess Onami will depose Odeon as your hiding place…
    On the general topic of con guests, Neil is wonderful (saw him in action at Worldcon) and Tim Powers is someone I personally am all excited about. Although I wish one day we have the budget for a 2nd-tier guest; my favorite guests so far are still Brian Stableford and Ian Watson, who have the advantage of being (a) British and (b) long-time mid-list authors, with long careers and works ranging all across the field; as a result of the 2nd point, I found they were just really interesting to talk to (they both would have probably done much better than GGK with Shiffer's joke interview questions, for example).
    But I guess the place for interesting British writers with eclectic careers is this year's WorldCon.
    Powers and Gaiman. Gosh. Wow.

  2. For an idea of what Neil is like first thing in the morning at conventions, see "Deep Secret" by Diana Wynne Jones. The description of Nick fumbling through breakfast is based on Gaiman. I'll lend it to you if you like. Happy Birthday!


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