Warning: Desks in the shop may be larger than they appear…

So Tammy and I went to Ace yesterday to get my birthday gift (the day itself is on the 7th, but we couldn't get away during the week). There was one desk we both liked before. It was big, but the whole point was to get me a bigger desk, as I spend half my life at the desk.

Getting it home was a hassle, and we had to call in Tammy's brother in law, with his larger car (and larger muscles), but I figured putting it in place wouldn't be so hard. I've assembled cabinets and desks and chairs before, and I'm pretty good at it.

But we didn't figure on one thing – a desk that looks large in a huge store will look a LOT bigger at home. The damn thing is a monstrosity. It seems to take up most of the room, and I haven't even installed the shelves yet. It's not a bad desk. Heavy MDF, lots of space. But it makes out fairly home small office space look tiny.

I'm not sorry yet we bought the thing. I need to install the rest of it and use it for a while. Maybe it will make life better and more organized (and the gods know I need the help). But I do know that if we'd had an inkling of how huge it would be at home, we would have gone for a smaller desk.

תגובה אחת בנושא “Warning: Desks in the shop may be larger than they appear…”

  1. warning: desks that one has to build at home are a vicious trap. They're as heavy as John Goodman, take forever to assemble, and make tons of noise – our neighbors, usually joking that we're invisible and quiet as mice came to complain about the noise last night.
    I'm sure it seemed a good idea at the time. Can't figure out why.

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