Fantasy Football was created to drive people nuts!

So it's the last week of my league's regular season. After an up and down season, my team has finished strong. However, due to the "down" part of the season, I need to have several things fall into place to win.

First of all, I have to win. I'm playing against the team that has been the second best in the league this year. So I knew winning would be tough.

Next, at least one of three different teams had to lose. Any one would do.

As of now, it seems all three are losing. One, in fact, has already lost (all players from both teams played in the noon and afternoon games, so it's a done deal).

In my game, it's a tie. 101-101. After a nerve racking evening and night of following four different fantasy games, it's down to 3 players. 1 on my opponent's team, 2 on mine. That sound pretty good. However, the one player my opponent has left is Terrel Owens, the best wide receiver in football this year. I have Chris Cooley, a tight end I only picked up from free agency a few days ago, and Drew Bennet, a nice, dependable, middle-of-the-road receiver. Bennet has had a couple of monster games this year, and Owens hasn't racked up the stats in every single game, so a win is certainly possible. But with Owens and Cooley playing the Sunday night game, and Bennet playing on Monday night, the fate of my season is up in the air.

If I advance, I have a shot (and as the defending champ, and winner of two of the last three seasons, this is quite important to me). If I lose, the season's over, and it's time to concentrate on Fantasy Basketball…

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