What suprnova.org's demise may mean

As many of you know, suprnova.org got taken down a few days ago, along with torrentbits.com and tvtorrents.net. I've been a happy user of all three sites for quite some time, as they provided me with the tv shows the Israeli cable and satellite companies haven't bothered to purchase. I have no moral qualms about using bittorrent to download tv shows. We have a full cable subscriptions, with all the trimmings. But Lost, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and Veronica Mars aren't ON any of their stations. And Angel, which is on, is several years behind (obviously, as it got cancelled last year…).

So it was quite distressing to discover that my favorite downloading sources were gone. However, the internet waits for no man, and I found replacements for these sites quite easily. And this thing is FAR from over. Mark Pesce wrote a very good article about what may happen next, in response to RIAA's moronic decision to go after the major BT sites, and exactly how much they may live to regret it.

Link via Napsterization.

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