A Short Film About John Bolton

A Short Film About John Bolton, the DVD of Neil Gaiman's first foray into directing, arrived in the mail today, as part of the first parcel bought with the Amazon gift certificate I got from my friends. The DVD contains a LOT more than the film, and it is the extra material that makes it a must buy for any Gaiman fan. A performance/reading by Gaiman, a "making of" featurette, an interview with The Neil, an audio recordign by Neil. It's a whole bunch of Gaiman related goodness.

The film itself was quite good, funny and creepy. However, I can't really talk about it without spoiling it. There's more to it than appears at first, when it seems to be a fairly run-of-mill documentary about fantasy/horror artist John Bolton and his latest gallery show. It's certainly a recommended short movie, which I hope will be shown at one of the annual Israeli cons. I'm fairly sure Neil will give permission for such a showing, as he's always been very generous with permissions of such sort in the past.

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