It's difficult to blog in days like these

I've been planning to blog about several things these last few days. Things like movies I watched (Collateral and House of Daggers), or Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell being named Time Magazine's Book Of The Year. Maybe even's mysterious announcement (which probably has to do with eXeem, the non centralized BT alternative they've apparently been working on). I certainly would have whined about losing in the nfl fantasy league semi-finals.

But everything is dwarfed in comparison with the horror in South East Asia. The death toll is growing everyday. Amazon has dedicated its front page to collecting donations for the American Red Cross. The blogging community has been incredible in providing information, first hand reports, a center to find missing loved ones, and ways to help.

And I find myself mostly speechless. With some exceptions, this blog has always been concerned with escapist topics – literature, sports, films, tv, comics. Even when I've talked about politics, it usually wasn't about Israeli politics. Right now, I'm not sure if I can blog about the things that usually concern me. They seem so small, whereas the horror of nature gone mad seems so big.

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