Will Eisner, RIPA

The news just hit. Will Eisner, quite possibly the most respected and influential creator in comics and graphic novels, passed away yesterday morning. He was 87 years old when he died.

Peter David mourns the passings of Eisner and fantasy artist Frank Kelly Freas.

Last year, there was talk that I might translate one of Eisner's classic graphic novels. While it never materialized, the thought of translating the work of a giant such as Eisner was both daunting and exciting.

You can read about Eisner's incredible career in the Newsarama link above. I'll post more links in edits to this post as they come on the wire.


Steve Pheley remembers Eisner.

As does Millarworld.


The Beat eulogizes Eisner.

And so does Neil Gaiman.


Brian Michael Bendis pays tribute to Eisner.


Variety's Bags and Boards blog eulogizes as well.


Now that some time has past, the mainstream press are also posting eulogies. The Chicago Tribune and the AP are the first I've seen.

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