An incredibly bad trade

So Sacramento traded Doug Christie, their best defensive player, to Orlando. In return, they got Cuttino Mobley, a gifted scorer. Sacramento needed the added scoring punch, with Bobby Jackson injured. Orlando badly needed defensive help. On the face of it, this is a good trade for both teams.

I think it's a horrible trade for both teams. Unless further moves are made.

Sacramento is a team built around copious passing, with an already deteriorating locker room chemistry. Their best players, Webber and Peja, seriously don't like each. Mobley is a chucker. A shoot first, shoot second, shoot third, pass when you absolutely have to kinda player. He also isn't a very good defender. The only possible way this works is if teh Kings have a trade lined up for Peja. Preferably for a good defensive player. If that's the case, I understand the need for Mobley's scoring punch. Otherwise, this trade makes them the easiest team to score on since… errr… ever? It also makes them a team that's gonna need at least one more ball, with all the we-want-the-ball shooters.

On the Magic, the problem is purely a chemistry issue. Mobley is Stevie Francis' best friend. Francis is an emotional player, prone to pouting and throwing tantrums when things don't go his way. Last night, after being told of the trade just before tip off, Francis sucked all game long. Then he whined about the trade. You do NOT trade your best player's best friend. Especially when your best player is a bit of a headcase. In the short term, this is a nightmare. However, in the long run, it could work out. Mobley was a bad influence on Francis. If clearing him out opens room for Grant Hill to become a bigger influence on Francis, this may turn out for the best. But in the weakened East, the magic could have had a very decent season. Mobley's contract runs out at season's end. Why not sign-and-trade him in the offseason? Give Francis some time to adjust to the idea?

These are two situations that could implode for both teams. Both teams needed to make moves to get better. I just don't think they needed to make THIS move.

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  1. Orlando are thiking about this year's playoff, once you decide you dont want to keep a certain player, and know he might leave in the summer, you cant wait to make a move.I think Christie will be a good adition to this team, though they could have a tried getting for Mobley a veteran point guard to backup Francis, and a power forward who can post up on the offensive end, one of the few things their great offensive game lacks.
    As for the kings…it would be interesting to see if they would make more deals this summer.I cant see them going very far in this year's playoff.Their time has passed.

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