Some Interaction program participants announced

Sailing The Clyde, the Interaction blog, has some names of SF pros who will be attending Worldcon and agreed to participate in programming.

Soem of the names I'm most excited about are:

* John Clute. The premier critic of SF&F literature. Co-editor of several encyclopedias, critic, and author. One of the finest minds in the field

* Ellen Datlow. Editor of's Scifiction, and numerous anthologies. A very influential editor, who publishes some of my favorite authors.

* Terry Pratchett. Need I say more?

* Mike Resnick. A very talented author, and appears to be an incredibly nice man from my brief correspondence with him.

* Robert Silverberg. He wrote "Nightwings." He wrote "Enter A Soldier. Later: Enter Another." Even if he hadn't written anything else (and he wrote a LOT. Much of it good, some of it great, some of it really not so great), those two would be enough to put him in the pantheon.

* Kim Stanley Robinson. Red, Green, Blue: Mars.

* Cory Doctorow. Haven't read much of his SF, but the guy is SHARP. Also, he's the main reason I read BoingBoing.

Not to say I'm not excited to meet some of the others named. But those are pretty damn big for me.

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