Finding Neverland

As I sit here, in front of the computer, with a rather nasty cold, let me tell you what those of you who can go out and do such things as movie-watching should do – go watch Finding Neverland.

It is a charming film. Moving and subtle. It plays fast and loose with the facts (about which you can read in Terry Windling's excellent article), but the story of the writing of Peter Pan shouldn't be ABOUT the facts. It should be, and it is, about the power of fantasy and imagination.

Johnny Depp is terrific, but then, he's Johnny Depp. I haven't seen The Aviator, but that won't stop me from proclaiming Depp was ROBBED at the globes (just like Lost, Eternal Sunshine, and Uma Thurman were). Kate Winslett isn't as brilliant as she was in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but her part is much less demanding.

Everyone else is very good as well. It is an extremely well made film, subtle and wise and moving. A bit mushy, so those who don't like mush should beware. But even the mush is quite well done.

As it arrived on Israeli screens on January, it will not be counted amongst last year's fare. It is, for me, the first excellent film in what seems to be a rather promising year of cinema.

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