Point Pleasant eps. 1+2 aka Marti Returns

I now know why Fox decided to air the first ep of PP opposite Alias, which should have a fairly similar demographic – they hoped no one would watch it, and start off with the second ep instead.

For me, lowered expectations were the key to enjoying the pilot. I'd already read some very negative reviews before watching it, so I was pleasantly surprised by the parts that didn't suck.

The second ep was much better. Better writing, better plotting, and somewhat better acting. If the really annoying characters end up getting killed soon, this show can really take off.

Now, genre shows starting off badly has become almost a tradition – Babylon 5, Farscape, and Buffy all started out fairly crappy, and all became very, very, very good. So I'm definitely still along for the ride.

And I'm a Marti fan. Anyone who blames her for seasons 6+7 of Buffy is both underestimating Joss' control of the show, and is just misguided. I liked a lot of the last two seasons of Buffy, and I don't have a problems with bad things happenning to characters in shows. If it works. And apart from a bad stretch in the middle of season 6, I thought it worked.

And I will remind the Marti haters that this is the woman who wrote What's My Line 1+2, Surprise, The Wish, The Prom, New Moon Rising, Buffy vs. Dracula, Forever, Villains, and Bring on The Night. She can flat out WRITE.

And I understand Ben Edlund is on board as a writer. He's pretty damn good too.

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