Mirrormask trailer online

Finally, on the day it debuts at Sundance, Mirrormask has an official trailer. Someone needs to tell Sony that flash-only sites suck. And the site doesn't seem to work very well in Firefox. The trailer's a little short, it's got crappy narration (which mentions Gaiman and the Henson Company, but not freaking Dave McKean), and it's available only in small versions, and only in Windows Media and Real Player… but it IS awesome. It's got a lot more live action than I thought it would, but it still looks like McKean art come to life. And that alone would be worth the price of admission.

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  1. Actually this trailer (in this rather crappy format and size) have been on the site for a while now, and in his blog today Neil calls it "the old, shitty trailer" (not in these exact words), and promises a new, better one very soon.

    And the first review of the film is online. Considering Hollywoodreporter are very mainstream and aren't likely to say "OMFG this is the best movie fucking ever", this seems to be a very, very positive review.

  2. Yeah, I read Neil's post. I was going to update when the real new trailer comes out. The review was indeed very positive. I'm really hopeful about this movie.

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