To all sports writers – a requst

Please stop writing about the players in my NBA fantasy team. Seriously, this jinx thing is getting annoying. Eddie Griffin has only recently recovered from the slump he got into when every other NBA writer wrote about him and about how he's the key to the Wolves season. Tracy McGrady took a whole month to recover from pre-season talk about his teaming up with Yao Ming to create the best inside-outside punch in the league. Jason Hart got injured and was sent to the bench after being crowned the Bobcats' second best player by some writers. Shareef Abdur Raheem took the good press all the way to the injured list. Talk of Peja being an elite player has not been good for him either.

Please stop writing about Shawn Marion and Chris Bosh. My team is completely sunk without them. Marion just recovered from a slump (caused by Steve Nash getting injured after being crowned the league MVP by some writers), and Bosh is just asserting himself in Toronto.

Please people. I don't have the best team in my league, but with some luck, I could be a contender. Please stop messing it up for me.

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  1. At least they're quiet about Parker for now.And I'm sure they wont talk about Finley anymore.And how about Jackson's move to the Suns? he's going to fit in there perfectly (just trying some jinx to see if I have the ability to be a sports writer)

  2. Parker has been traded, and Jim Jackson has been dropped. My team's makeup is a little different than it was on draft day. It is:

    Chris Bosh
    Dan Gadzuric

    Shawn Marion
    Peja Stojakovic
    Eddie Griffin
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim
    Tayshaun Prince

    Tracy McGrady
    Luol Deng
    Jason Hart
    Michael Finley
    Jeff McInnis

  3. Well, with Jackson's holdout, maybe you weren't so unlucky to unload him (or was that the reason for it?).As for Parker, I assume you recieved Prince and Gadzuric for him? I think it's a good move for you, statwise.I like Gadzuric, just let him start and he'll deliver rebounds and blocks.As for Prince, Quintel Woods signed in Miami, so still no suitable backup for him.Might be good for stats, but dangerous for health.

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