Kung Fu Hustle

For years, American films have been inspired by Chinese and Japanese films. From Star Wars to Matrix to Kill Bill, and all points in between, martial arts films have been an inspiration.

Kung Fu Hustle takes all of those films, ingests them, and takes them back for to make a truly Chinese film. And makes it funny.

It is an awesome, awesome film. It is ridiculous and sublime, and eventually, even moving. And it has kickass action, laughs, great characters, and a pure sense of fun.

I didn't see director Steven Chow's previous film, Shaolin Soccer, but I certainly want to now.

ps. Don't watch the trailer. Massive spoiling of fun scenes.

6 תגובות על ״Kung Fu Hustle״

  1. "Shaolin Soccer" gets frequent reruns on Yes.

    It's quite funny, in a VERY silly way. Also, the plot resembles a young, hyperactive dog: Jumps from side to side and tries to be overly-sweet.

  2. Something else.

    Also, please use the brand new "other" option and identify yourselves when posting comments. I've always hated the "anonymous" thing, but didn't want to make people sign up to blogger (knowing almost no one will.)

  3. Hallo! Another fan of Kung Fu Hustle!

    Shaolin Soccer is also good, you should try to watch it. (Though it helps if you're a fan of past Hong Kong movies. Check out the goalie's Bruce Lee outfit.)

    banzai cat

  4. I saw "Shaolin Soccer", and it was some very wasted 90 minutes. if this is the same director, I`m afraid that i will not see this movie. (usualy i trust your taste)

  5. After having seen Shaolin Soccer, I can say Kung Fu Hustle is a much better film. In just about any aspect. Better plot, tighter script, funnier, much better action.

    You really should check it out.

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