Sin City buzz at Entertainment Weekly

As anyone who reads this blog regularly probably knows, Sin City has been at the top of my Movies To Watch For list ever since the trailer hit. Now, Entertainment Weekly names it its number #1 movie they're dying to see this spring. They also gave it the cover (on which they speculate if this may be the next Pulp Fiction) , and revealed one scene was shot by Quentin Tarantino. And of course they have a large preview feature online.

Could I possibly wait for this film with any greater anticipation? I'm not sure, but we'll see what else they can throw at us. At least Israelis won't have to wait long, as it starts airing here on March 31st, one day before it hits American screens. And this is one film for which I'll definitely be making an extra effort to get an pre-screening ticket.

Link via the fantabulous Cleolinda Jones.

תגובה אחת בנושא “Sin City buzz at Entertainment Weekly”

  1. BAH.

    It's no longer true that we're seeing this movie early. It has been moved from its 31.3 date, and no new date has been set yet.

    And I'll say it again: BAH.

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