More announced programme participants for Worldcon

Some of these names make me happy. Some make me indifferent. There's two guys I really, really, really don't like, as well. There's two whose books I've translated, which is exciting.

A long time ago, after his visit to Israel, I corresponded with Chaz Brenchley for a while. We've lost touch, but it will be nice to meet him face to face again.

I'm really excited about GRRM, Robin Hobb, Mieville, and Ken Macleod. There's writers here, like Cecilia Dart-Thornton and Suzanna Clarke, whose work I wanted to read but never got around to (or, in Clarke's case, was sold to another publisher before I got around to).

Seeing Gavin Grant's name made me check if Kelly Link will be attending. And she WILL. Maybe this will make a certain friend of mine, who's a even bigger Link fan than I am, change her mind about attending.

I checked the membership lists for new Israeli attendees, and found two new ones, and it's two people I don't know. Anyone know Uri and Levana Barkai?

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