DC solicitations for May are out, and I'm excited

Most of the fuss and hype you'll read online will concern DC's Countdown book and the mini series stemming from it.

But a few years back, when I first read Alan Moore's brilliant Top 10, there was a promise at the end for an OGN called Forty Niners, that will take place a few decades earlier in Neopolis' (the city in which the series took place) history. That book was supposed to be published "next year" several years ago. But never mind the wait. It's coming now, and seeing Moore and Gene Ha's workin on Neopolis again is just as exciting now.

Of course, what I REALLY want is for Top 10 to come back as regular series. But this'll do in a pinch. This'll certainly do.

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  1. Speaking of DC solicitations, here's the chance to recommend one of their (actually, Vertigo's) recent graphic novels – "The Originals" by Dave Gibbons. Yup, the guy who did "Watchmen" with Moore, and here he's also the writer. And a very capable one, I must say. The story is a slightly futuristic take on the culture war (which became a very real gang-war) between the "Mods" and the "Rockers" movements in the 1960s' England. "Slighty Futuristic", because other than a few minor additions (hovering vehicles, one pleasure centre with a somewhat unusual arcitecture) it's a story that could pretty much take place in our world. But it's a captivating story, with believale, likeable protagonist (for all his bad sides – and he's got quite a few of them), the kind of story that left me with a "that was just too short" feeling. And the art, as expected, is wonderful (other than the graphic cultural references – most of which, I'm sure I missed – it also reminded me very much of Katsuhiro Otomo's "Akira").
    Highly recommended.
    And this reminds me, since we're talking about comics you should be reading…


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