Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trailer

Well, it's now out in a decent format, right here. It doesn't look bad, but seems a bit action oriented. Still, it looks like a good looking movie. And Sam Rockwell is awesome, and I kinda Martin Freeman (even if he does act like he's still playing Tim from The Office).

So I'm looking forward to this with mild optimism.

Still, would it kill them to give Marvin a single sound bite in the trailer?

Link via Fisheye.

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  1. Out April 29th.

    Little-brother B. to be here in May. Son S. to be away only in April, back by April 25.

    This adds up to one HEAP BIG towl, an extra-giant serving of popcorn, and a family trip to begeek the local cinema.

    ::loud cheers anticipatd from the Northwest::

  2. Timing can be a beautiful thing or a nasty, nasty thing. Nice to hear that in your case, timing will be excellent for this film. I just hope the film is as good as the timing…

    But hey, Sam Rockwell was in Galaxy Quest, the film that took the "Funniest Space Film" title away from Spaceballs. If a film were to take the title from GQ, HGTTG with him as Zaphod is as good a contender as any.

  3. Mixed reviews starting to trickle in on the HHGG movie, as expected any movie adaptation of a book is going to rub some fans the wrong way. Looks great to me from the previews, really hope Hollywood didn't butcher it too much. I will be going to see it with an open mind.

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