I'm sorry, I don't have any JLU torrents

It seems I've had a big spike in hits in the last couple of days, due to people looking for torrents of Justice League Unlimited, presumably bacause I've talked about torrents and about JLU here. I don't have torrents. I don't have links to torrents. JLU really isn't very hard to find if you look in the major torrent sites, but you can't get from here to there.

I will say that the ep wasn't quite as crappy as I expected, especially due to Batman being very cool. Next ep – Gail Simone sctipt, Huntress and Canary and Question and Green Arrow. Should be fun.

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  1. It was me,Zygon sorry.

    Last episode made me wonder if the show is aimed at children after all ,It's a big contrest to the usuall poke'monish stuff they used to put on saturday morning.

    The last few episodes were very good (no more of that wonder-pig nunsence),they can do good things if they want to.

    Have you seen "The Venture brothers" ,from adult swim ?

  2. We Don't need the specific link, just the name of the site.

    Since Suprnova shut down, I can't find ep.9 and beyond anywhere. I
    downloaded "Dark Heart"& "Wake the Dead" from Imesh- but it was in crappy quallity. And I hate Exeem.

    Of course you don't have to. it's just would be much appreciated. 🙂

  3. Nir, here's what I can do: I can give you a link to a site with links to torrent sites, at least one of which has the eps you seek.

    I'll go as far as saying you can find it at a non-registration site, which is in the favorites list at the top.

    But seriously, that's what google is there for.

    Zygon, I kinda agree that the show doesn't really seem to be aimed at kids. Which may be silly policy on the creators side, and on DC's side, as they need to hook the kids on the characters in order to get them to read the books and watch the movies. Still, I can't complain. It makes for better television for ME!

    And I haven't seen any of the Adult Swim animation stuff.

  4. It's worth mentioning here that "Doomsday Sanction" contains many homages to "Volcano" – one of the early (and certainly best-looking) Superman cartoons directed by the Fleischer brothers. The Fleischers were a very strong (and admitted) influcence on Bruce Timn and company while creating the animated DCU (specifically on "Batman: TAS" and "Superman: TAS"). This influence seem to have toned down somewhat in the more recent incarnations, so it was nice seeing them going back to the basics.
    I blurb alot about the Fleischers recently, but their Superman cartoons are really in the "Go see them already!" category.


  5. Raz, seriously, you should have a blog to talk about all of this (you should also get an RSS feed for your Miyazaki website, but that's a different topic). You know too much NOT to blog.

    But as long as you don't blog (and even if you do), I'm happy to have you dropping knowledge in my comments.

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