Updating the blogroll

I try to refrain from having too many blogs on my blogroll, because when I encounter huge blogrolls, I may sample a few, but never check everything out. So many great blogs are not included. Everything that is included, however, is top notch, and you should check them all out.

I've removed Kathryn Cramer's blog, because she hardly ever blogs about genre related stuff, and I'm off American politics for the time being. I've moved Electrolite to the SF&F section, because it seemed silly having it and Making Light in different sections.

I've added Jonathan Carroll's blog, because Carroll is a wonderful writer, and while the blog gives only a tiny sample of his wonderfulness, even a tiny sample is a great thing. VanderWorld is a terrific blog, by an excellent author. Fafblog is funny. The Great Curve, The Beat, and Fanboy Rampage tell you everything you need to know about the world of comics, and Lifehacker tells you many things you need to know about many topics. Finally, two excellent Israeli blogs (both in Hebrew) added to the mix – Dror Foyer's blog which is one the best written blogs in Hebrew, and deals with many topics, including the tech-life connection and writing, and Aharon Hauptman's blog. Aharon is a futurist, and he deals with mostly in emerging (and future) tech and science.

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