Brief TV thoughts: VM, Lost, AI

First up, Veronica Mars. Russkie Business was an awesome ep for anyone who grew up in the eighties, and I guess it was good for others as well. Alyson Hannigan's performance as Trina Echolls was odd for me to watch. It's like it was a different kind of "Evil Willow." Not the flashy vampiric of witchy kind, just spoiled rotten. I'm a huge AH fan and a huge Willow fan, so I dug it, but I wish she'd show more range. As for the ending – W.O.W. The most annoying time possible for a month long hiatus.

The Lost episode, "… In Translation" was a terrific ep plotwise, and a little weak as far as dialogue. But weak in Lost standards, which are abnormally high. It was great to see Jin's side of the story we saw in "House of the Rising Sun".

American Idol. Yes, the lure of American Idol has finally gotten to me. It started when I was sick and bored, and now I'm compelled to watch. Sarah Mather, one of my absolute favorites was kicked off this week, after a really weak performance. Even with the weak performance, I thought she should have stayed. Others were weaker, not as talented, and frankly, not nearly as HOT. Annoyingly, she gave a better performance after being booted. Argh.

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  1. It was so weird seeing AH in a different role other than willow, specially when she plays a bitch like Trina Echolls. but Alona Tal was really surprising!

  2. soooo (Here Be Spoilers)

    Lost was BAD. Not just in Lost standards, in any standards. Jin's POV was boring and predictable, and as it made most of the episode, almost the whole episode was boring and predictable. His POV didn't add much to the story (besides a brief image of Hurley on TV. Hmmm). Also big on the badness: the music. Over-the-top dramatics on the beach fight. Violins for Sayid and Shannon (and what's with that, anyway? A bloody kiss? If it's not semi-incestuous sex it's sex not worth showing?). Blah.

    VM, on the other hand, was great. except for Hannigan. What a vague and incoherent character.

  3. It's Lost spoiler time!

    I disagree about Lost being outright BAD. It was predictable? You foresaw Jin coming out of it as positively as he did?

    From HotRS, we got the impression that Jin was completely corrupted by Sun's Evil Dad. Now, Jin is portrayed as someone who was still resisting the corruption when they left for Sydney.

    The thing with Walt was interesting. And execution (which I admitted was faulty) aside, Shannon and Sayid geting together is a good thing.

    As I said – the plotting was fine. The actual script wasn't particularly good.

    And, of course, there was a new angle on the whole "Father" theme which seems to be the theme of the entire freaking show. We've had "evil dad," "drunken, then dead, dad," "conned, killed his wife, then dead, dad," "living in another continent until mom dies dad", "betrays you to the cops temporary dad figure," "offering an opportunity then betrayed girlfriend's dad," and this week, we had "disowned due to embarrasement and then offering good advice that backfired dad".

    Am I forgetting any dads?

  4. For me, Jin's POv was predictable because if you asked me what his POV would look like on a really crappy and corny show, this would be it. So it was a surprise finding it on Lost… And it changed nothing. He still treated Sun badly, and there were no true revelations about his relationship with her father (it was rather obvious fron her POV). And not being evil doesn't make the way he treats her on the island less loathsome. So nothing really changed.

  5. Now that I think about it, in view of Jin's POV, the way he treats Sun on the island makes no sense. He loves her, he is not evil, they are far from her father's influence, no annoying phonecalls interrupting their togetherness, and he doesn't know she was planning to leave. And what does he do? bosses her around, yells at her, treats her like crap. He doesn't, like, smile even once. He acts exactly like the cold blooded evil man we thought he was. WHy is that?

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