My Constantine review

Over ten years ago, when I was a member of the working press (well, a part time member, writing about computers and the internet on Maariv's local Tel-Aviv Newspaper Zman Tel Aviv), I managed to publish a couple of reviews. I wrote what may have the first Israeli review of Opus' translation of Ender's Game.

In the intervening years, I've written some film reviews for websites, and many book reviews in this site, back when the content was in Hebrew.

But now I've gone full circle, and had my first film review published in Maariv's weekend entertainment supplement, Promo. It's a review of Constantine, a film I liked more than I expected to.

I hope people read it, and I'd certainly be interested in people's comments on the review. It isn't available online.

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  1. Well, actually…

    …your first review was of Princess Bride. It's was published in May 1989 in issue 1 of Al Madab (circulation – dozens?)

    And it's *still* a pretty good read. I've emailed it to you, for old time's sake.

  2. Funny. Al-Madab sounds like an Arabic name in English. I remember our arguments about naming it in English. 16 years later, I still think About SF would have been a better choice than About Sci-Fi…

    I do still remember it. It was the first thing that convinced me that I may actually be able to, you know, WRITE. Now, on the early (very, very, very early) stages of working on my first novel, it's nice to have a reminder of the first thing I wrote for public consumption.

    Would you mind if I posted that page?

  3. Yes, you certainly *could* write. I seem to recall telling you so, rather vehemently, probably over pancakes or pasta or some other food that starts with a P.

    Please feel free to post the page – it's yours. I just found it… …both in 1989 and now.

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