TV roundup – Lost, WW, Survivor, AI, Apprentice

Lost – the ep may have been a bit hyper-hyped, as my expectations were quite high. Still, it was a good episode. Much Hurley made for some funny (although less than expected, for… errr… plot related reasons), Sensei Locke (tm Cleolinda) was his helpful-with-a-side-order-of-creepy self. Such a great character. The possible reasons for the crash continue to mount. At least three different, unrelated characters may have caused the crash or have been related to the cause of the crash. That's pretty cool. It'll probably turn out to have been caused by something else entirely.

The West Wing continues its current streak of episodes that don't suck. Kate has totally grown on me (much like a fungus), and I thought her funny subplot worked. The main plot worked for me as well, as I like stories about the process, and this was a great showcase for Santos, and about time too. I so do not want to cheer for the Republican candidate, even if his the antithesis of every powerful Republica politician today (spoil-tagged for Israeli viewers who are a season behind).

On Survivor, Tom continues to build his superman rep. As a smart, likable, athletic, somewhat older fireman, he is a very, very good player. He needs to get an alliance in place, preferably with fellow strong player Ian. On Ulong, I like Steph. Everyone else is not very strong, or crazy, or suffering from some sort of emotional problem. Also, Koror needs to lose so they can vote off Caryn. She is tres annoying.

In American Idol, Janay survives yet again, despite being a towering pinnacle of suck, and getting called on it by the judges. I think that at this point, its pity votes because of how hard they've been on her. I like Mikhala and Nadia, and was happy to see them continue on. On the men's group, Bo and Anwar are very good. Anthony gets my undying hate for singing a Foreigner song and generally being a Clay-clone.

Finally, I'm watching both flavors of Apprentice. On Trump's regular brand, Audrey was annoying beyond belief. Tana and Angie are strong, and John would be strong if he didn't have such an inflated opinion of himself. Kendra was surprisingly strong.

On Alan Sugar's UK Apprentice, Adele survived another elim. I'm happy about that because, well… she's kinda hot, and crazy in a fun-to-watch kinda way. Matthew needs to go. He's an incompetent, anti-social idiot. Paul and Saira are a super-team of negotiations, sales and hustle. Miriam is also very competent. In general, I found the UK version to feature more competence and less hysterics, and Sugar is much less annoying than Trump.

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