NBA fantasy blogging

It's been a while since I ranted about my fantasy team, and since I've been working so much lately I barely get a chance to read anything online, and thus don't have many links to share and comment on, I guess it's time for an update…

3 weeks away from the end of the fantasy regular season, my team is 10-8, three games behind the top team and two games above the three teams below mine in the standings, which are all fighting for the number 8 spot and the last slot in the playoffs of our 14 team league . If I win one more game, I'm almost certainly in the playoffs. If I win two, I'm there.

My Big Three – TMac, Marion, and Chris Bosh, have all been excellent. Bosh is actually making a bid to be my second keeper next year, though I find it hard to believe I'll part with either of my superstuds (currently both in the top 10 of my leagues fantasy player rankings).

I have two players who'll probably dictate how far the team goes – Peja Stojakovic and Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Peja has been a huge disappointment for a 3rd round pick, but I'm hoping that now that the Webber shaped alabtros is off his back, and he's returned from yet another injury, he'll find that extra gear he had last year before Webber came back. If he does, he can play like a first rounder, and help me a lot. 'Reef has been a crappy fantasy player this year, largely through no fault of his own. Injuries, and the fact that he's the team's second PF behing head case Randolph have been hurting his value. He's back now, though, and with Zack refusing to play until god comes down from heaven to tell him the doctors are right and his knee is fine, he's getting the minutes and playing well. As long as he plays, he can be a huge factor for me.

Jason Hart sorta belongs in the same camp as 'Reef. When Brevin Knight plays, he's a dud, when he doesn't, he's a stud. Right now, BK is injured again, so J is contributing mightily. Dan Gadzuric is also struggling with minutes, which is ridiculous, as he does much more than Pachulia most games, and really shouldn't be losing minutes to him. Except when he gets in foul trouble. Still, he's almost always contributing, and can rack up 25 fantasy points in 20 minutes.

Tay Prince and McInnis have been on and off, but the fluctuations have not been huge. I'm obviously happier with Tay, but when McInnis has been on, he's been pretty damn good.

Finley, Deng and Griffin are injured, this crippling my roster flexibility. But all should come back. I have a gut feeling about Griffin – he comes back shortly before the fantasy playoffs, by which time the folks at Minnesota may give up on their playoffs hopes and realize they seriously need to rest Garnett's knee before causing damage that may really hurt the franchise. If KG is given time off to rest, and Eddie is healthy, I think he can be a monster. He'll play over 35 minutes, and get all thos blocks and boards he gets. They should have been playing him much more anyway (he's the team's second best defensive player, best defensive rebounder, best blocker), and if my prediction comes true, they'll have to play him.

If everything I hope happens really does happen, it could all mean a championship. If it doesn't, I can lose in the first round of the playoffs. I'll let y'all know what happens.

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