Amazing Race blogging

Here's the scorecard, folks:
Rob and Amber – smart, funny, can only be prevented from winning this thing by sheer bad luck and bunching. Really nice and loving to one another, while Rob continues to be a dick to most other players. Which I don't mind at all, as it is a RACE. As long as racers are nice to their partners, I don't mind if they lie, cheat and steal (whithin the rules of the GAME) to everybody else. Unless they do it someone I like, and the non R&A competitors? I don't like so much.

Everybody else: Not as smart. Or as funny. Or as interesting. Or as nice to one another. I don't hate the brothers, who ARE funny, and I don't hate the gay guys or Debbie and Bianca, even though they are mui bitchy. At least they aren't complete morons.

I hate Ray and Deanna, who shouldn't even be in the same state, let alone in a relationship.

All the rest are meh at this point.

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