Idol blogging

Yes. I'm blogging about American Idol. Again. Don't look at me like that. Seriously. Stop. I've taken enough crap about watching it from some of my friends. I don't need it from imaginary readers who haven't even said anything.

So, before the results show, some thoughts…

On the guys side, this week's show simply cemented my position that Bo and Anwar are very good, and everybody else is either meh or bleh. Bo showed versatility, which will help him later on. Also, his band has a website, with some samples. Travis is mega-bleh, and Constantine is the fakest rocker in the history of fake rockers.

On the girl's side, Nadia continues to be a cut above the rest. Great voice, great performance. Jessica won me over this week, and Mikhala was terrible in a song that completely didn't suit her. She took Simon's advice about not being so annoying way too seriously. I hope she doesn't get voted off, and can come back with that personality she used to display. Janay continues to be far and away the worst of the bunch. But then, she was the worst in the last two weeks as well, and still made it. She needs to go, although that would make the show go on longer for me, as I will no longer be able to skip ahead to the end of her song.

Simon was on the money this week in both his compliments and his insults. The other two are blind, deaf, and dumb. No, not mute (sadly). Dumb.

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