Home alone

Early this morning, Tammy took a plane to NYC, for a weekend of debauchery. Well, actually it was for a one-day seminar followed by a weekend of meeting friends. As fate would have it, several of her best friends live in the area, so she'll be meeting up with them.

As for me, I'm home alone for an extended weekend. It's strange. Tammy works outside the house, where as I work at home, so I'm used to passing the afternoon or evening alone at home. But at some point, I know she's coming back. Now, she's still coming back, but on Monday.

Being home alone I naturally started the weekend by spending an ginormous amount of money. That's what guys do when left to their own devices. Of course, it was spent on my ticket to Worldcon, which will be combined with a vacation with Tammy, so that's ok. As tickets from Israel to Glasgow are rather expensive (due to the fact that no airline flyes directly from here to there), I didn't actually buy a ticket to Glasgow. I bought a ticket to Prague, where I'll take a plane with one of europe's many, many, many discount airlines and fly to Glasgow. It comes out cheaper that way, and I also gain a morning in Prague, which is one of my favorite cities on the planet. I should be able to squeeze in a quick stroll and lunch at Mala Strana. That should be an excellent start to my 11 day, continent spanning journey (Prague, Glasgow for worldcon, Barcelona with Tammy).

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