The Bourne Supremacy

When your partner is in another continent, you find yourself with some spare time. So I did something I've been meaning to do for a while, and watched The Bourne Supremacy.

I quite liked The Bourne Identity. It was a very competent thriller which didn't try to be anything other than it was, and worked.

The sequel fits the exact same mold, and is a better film. It is a very competently made film. Matt Damon was an odd casting in the first film, as I certainly never imagined him as an action hero, but he was quite good. He's even better here. Joan Allen is a supreb actress, so it's no surprise that she did a fine job here, as did everyone surrounding her. I will say, in regards to the cast, that it was weird as hell seeing Eomer with short, black hair.

The directing and editing were occasionaly a bit too hectic, with unnecessary jump cuts and a shaky, shaky camera, but that did not really take away from my enjoinment. The action was excellent, with economic motion, nothing flashy, but all quite effective. In that sense, the film is a mirror of it's lethal protagonist, uber killer turned amnesiac guy-on-the-lam Jason Bourne.

The reason I really wanted to watch the film, other than the fact that it was a well reviewed sequel to a film I liked, was director Paul Greengrass, a man whose next project is a much, much, much more ambitious adaptation – Alan Moore's Watchmen. Judging from TBS, at least I know he isn't incompetent. I'll maintain my usual cautios optimism regarding films in which neither Akiva Goldsman nor Paul WS Anderson is involved, and await the casting.

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