Everything you wanted to know about Veronica Mars

So you've heard about this show, Veronica Mars. People say it's pretty good. But over two thirds of the season have gone by, and you don't know if you can catch up?


You're a VM fan, and you're trying to convince your friends to watch the show because, well, you want what's best for your friends, don't you? But they have the same problem mentioned in the first paragraph.


You have no idea what Veronica Mars is, but you just realized you don't really like House, and want a new show to watch in that very same timeslot?

Well there is a site for all of you. It's Mars Investigations, A Beginner's Guide to Veronica Mars. It is NOT recommended for people who watch the show on Israeli TV, as it WILL spoil a bunch of stuff for you. But it is certainly recommended for American viewers, who (even if they don't know it yet) NEED to watch this show.

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  1. Thanks for the plug! It's cool that there are so many Israeli fans, presumably because of Alona Tal. We actually have a girl from Israel on our team.

    Keep on spreading the word!

  2. Honestly? We don't really care about Alona Tal (never heard of her until she showed up in "Like a Virgin." Some Israelis have just developed a keen sense of that which is cool, and an expertise at finding it online. Stems from being dicked around for so long by the local TV channels on Buffy. We've learned to get our Whedon elsewhere, and thus learned to get everything else as well, and to decide for ourselves what to get.

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