Extreme Makeover: Home Edition screws up

I just watched last week's episode of EMHE, which was, as usual, moving and touching and all of that. The story of Kassandra, the little eight year old who beat cancer once, and wanted the team to help renovate her hospital ward was great.

However, the episode hit a very sour note for me when they decided to get help from one of the most repellent people in American politics and law enforcement, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

I don't have any problem with the show using celebrities, and I usually don't have any problem with it when they dragoon military or law enforcement organizations to help out. But this is no ordinary celebrity or law enforement officer. The mere fact that he IS both should be the warning signal, but if that's not enough, organizations such as Mothers Against Arpaio, and the current attempt to recall his recent re-election should make it clear that this is, at the very least, a polarizing public figure.

Personally, I think Arpaio is a man who has abused his power, been shown numerous times to be corrupt, and a man who's record of mistreating prisoners is horrific.

I do not understand ABC's decision to put this man on a prime time, "feel good" type of show. It is, in my opinion, a very political move, and a move that has no place on a show like this. With EMHE and Lost, ABC has won a great deal of love from me this year, but this time, they screwed up.

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  1. So do you think convicted criminals deserve to be treated with privileges and have a pleasant experience while being punished for the crime. Too bad. I have no sympathy for your cause or belief. The Sherrif has been applauded from all parts of the country. As usual, one of the few rights we have left, (since too many judges and law enforcement people ignore the constitution they have sworn to uphold)is the right to our opinions. Or is it considered a privilege? (by now)

  2. I thing convicted criminals deserve rights. I also doubt greatly that convicted criminals enjoy their stay at more conventional correctional facilities. The same constitution you mention is supposed to protect from "cruel and unusual punishment," which I (and many others) believe to be exactly what Arpaio's tent city represents.

    Also, I couldn't fail to notice that you didn't address the mounting charges of corruption.

    I have no problem with free expression. I have a problem with a law enforcement official who uses his position to gain fame and power, and who ignores the portions of the law that don't suit his purposes. And as a viewer of EMHE, I have a problem with the show runner's decision to allow him to strut on to their show with his self given "toughest sherrif in America" title. I do not think specific show was an appropriate forum for that.

  3. I agree with anyone against the Sheriff. There are many in prison for a crime they didn't commit. Those people should have rights. Therefore, all prisoners should have rights. When our country takes in prisoners of war (POWs) from other countries we have to give them food, medical treatment, and we cannot abuse them. Our citizens of America deserve the same rights, if not more. EMHE has chose him to appear on their show for their own reasons(his fame) not because of their political views. It's for ratings! You watched it, obviously. I still love EMHE.

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