See? This is what you get!

On Sunday, the Cleveland Cavaliers played against Toronto. In that game, Cavs coach Paul Silas benched Jeff McInnis, a member of the Dark Establishment basketball fantasy team, for the entire game.

On Monday, Silas was fired.

Now, McInnis wasn't even in my starting roster for the week, so the bencing was meaningless for me in the short term. However, Cleveland plays more games during our fantasy playoffs than any other NBA team, so McInnis may be a key player for me down the stretch.

Of course, regardless of my own team's woes (3 game losing streak, limping into the playoffs, and that's only if we WIN this week), this firing, along with Don Nelson's decision to quit earlier in the month, is a pretty big deal. Paul Silas was a great coach when it came to teaching and mentoring his players, but a pretty crappy game coach. I think that, assuming the Cavs hire a good coach (current top candidate Flip Saunders is essentially the same coach as Silas), this will be a good move for a team the boasts the best young player in the NBA in LeBron James. These guys need to aim for championships, and they need a great coach for that, as well as a better, deeper roster.

If this move was the first in a series of moves aimed at a title, it was a great move. If it was just a firing to "shake things up" and hire Saunders, I'm not really down with that.

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  1. Well, it WOULD be good for them. But it would piss ME off.

    For once, I'd like to see Jackson coach a team that doesn't have the NBA's best player, or a strong contender for that title.

    Sure, put him with LeBron, get another solid player or two, and they win a title in two or three years. Even Jeff McInnis wouldn't be a liability in Jackson's system.

    But just once, I'd like to see Big Chief Triangle build a mediocre team up to greatness. Let him come to the Knicks (they'd have to fire Isiah, and nothing would make me happier), and try and salvage THAT mess. He got a championship ring as a player on the Knicks. Let him get one as a coach.

  2. You have to understand that Jackson is a big players coach.I dont think he would do well with the Knicks, the way they look now, so why should he enter that mess? BTW, the Knicks are already mentioned as a team that'll try to make a grab for Lebron.So, if they'll both wind up in NY, will it still piss you off? I think not…:)

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